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There's a fear – especially if you're new to woodworking – of making your own boat from scratch.  Building something on land is one thing; if it doesn't go according to plan you can at least step away from it.  However, what you don't want is to be in the middle of a lake and realise your boat isn't as water tight as you originally thought.

However, these are fears that My Boat Plans, by Master Boat Builder Marin Reid, wants to help you set aside, and instead lead you through the whole process in an accessible step-by-step manner.

Signing up with My Boat Plans grants you immediate access to over 518 projects, which cover yachts, skiffs, dinghies, surf boards and row boats, to name a few.  You can also pay a bit extra to receive it all on a DVD.  In addition, the resource also includes 40 videos, providing over 10 hours worth of narrated training, and a special bonus package: 3D Boat Design software, which lets you design your own flotation device.  The bonus also includes rare boat-building books that were only available to the few, along with consumer fact sheets, safety regulations and a commercial boat-builder's handbook.

The pluses and minuses

The sheer diversity of plans is a striking element of My Boat Plans; there is very little chance that you'll ever run out of ideas.  The range of flotation devices covered is also impressive, which caters well to all levels of experience.  If you're a novice you may not want to try your hand at a power boat, whereas a surf board my prove a great starting point. Likewise, on the other end of the spectrum, sail boats may provide those more experienced with the challenge they've been looking for.

The videos are also very handy to have, especially if you're just starting out in the trade or you're not much of a reader and prefer to see things in action.  On the other hand, the plans themselves are presented in such a clear and detailed way, in full colour, they do a very good job of guiding the boat-builder through the process.

The only potential downside to the package is in its format: an online resource. As such its plans need to be printed off, which to some who prefer having a hard copy manual, may seem a bit of a hindrance.  However, if you're comfortable viewing your plans on a printed sheet, laptop or tablet, then it is not much of a concern.


It can be hard to overcome the boat-building fear that what you'll create isn't sea worthy, but if you follow My Boat Plans to the end your fears should be allayed.

My Boat Plans is one of the most extensive resources out there for constructing anything that floats on water, and it is one that you would find hard to beat.  With projects that span all experience levels (and especially interests) to providing high quality plans, My Boat Plans rates as one of the best packages available.  The bonuses are just the cherry on the cake for what is already a top product.

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