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There is a reason why sheds are often nicknamed 'man caves'.  They can be a haven of order and a display of pride – a place where you 'just know' where everything is.

So, knowing that you also created that haven can bring an added sense of accomplishment, and that is where My Shed Plans Elite steps in.  Ryan Henderson has compiled this comprehensive resource with that single goal in mind.  Even if you are beginning in woodworking this package will cover everything you need to build a shed from literally the ground up, as well as provide enough material for those on the more experienced side of the spectrum.

There are 12,000 plans available, all presented as detailed illustrations, blueprints and schematics.  And, if you're unsure of what materials you'll actually need for each project, never fear, the list is there as well, so you're lever left guessing.

The pluses and minuses

With over 12,000 woodworking projects at your fingertips, My Shed Plans Elite is no doubt a very extensive resource, covering every area that you would need to know in order to build an outdoor shed.  This is doubled with the fact that it also caters for the full spectrum of experience – from beginners to professionals – so there is the possibility for everyone to learn something new here.

The plans are very detailed, clearly guiding the reader step-by-step through the process, which can give the woodworker confidence in knowing that what they are following will actually work in the end.

And if you have any questions, it is worth noting that Ryan has a 24 hour response policy, which can be helpful for those needing a bit of advice, especially if you're stuck in the middle of an outdoor project and don't have the luxury of time.

As has been mentioned, the plans are very well detailed, which unfortunately can lead its own problems: high quality plans equals large file sizes, which can take a while to download, and this is the case with My Shed Plans Elite.  Of course, if you have a fast internet connection then it isn't much of a concern, but that may not be the case with everyone.

Another criticism of the resource can be pointed at what is aims to achieve: a package that specialises in outdoor sheds.  It has a very focussed goal and does not deviate outside that.  Therefore, if, after completing your shed, you were hoping to move to another project, My Shed Plans Elite may not prove to be much help, except possibly help teach you transferable skills.


My Shed Plans Elite does exactly what it says, and does so in a very extensive way, which is to Ryan Henderson's credit.

It covers all outdoor constructions, from bird houses to large garden sheds and its detailed presentation means that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of what woodworking level they are at.

It is a very focussed guide that will provide you with sound information when taking on outdoor projects, and with that in mind it is a worthwhile investment.

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