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How does 16,000 woodworking projects available to you at any time sound to you?  Well, that's exactly what Ted 'Woody' Mcgrath has done on his Ted's Woodworking resource. It sets out to cover all bases – whether you are new to the craft, an advanced worker wanting to improve or give yourself a challenge, or even a professional simply wanting more ideas – Ted's Woodworking has it on hand, and does the job very well.

The breadth of material in Ted's Woodworking is impressive: along with its 16,000 (remember that number...16,000!) woodworking plans and projects are 150 instructional videos, for those who prefer to watch the action as opposed to read about it. Included is also a 200-page guide which looks at the world of woodworking, with a possible slant towards beginners.

The pluses and the minuses

There is a thoroughness about Ted's Woodworking that can give the user confidence.  The plans are presented in a clear and detailed way – these definitely aren't your average obscure 'one arrow pointing here' flatpack instructions – and they progress the reader on to the next stage at a good pace.  They also include all the necessary information, such as materials, dimensions and blueprints.

However, it's one thing having 16,000 plans available to you, but it's another thing having to wait to download them, which leads to a criticism.  The Ted's Woodworking plans can be pretty beefy in file size and may take you some time to download.  If you have a fast internet connection then this shouldn't be much of a problem.  Then again, you can upgrade your account to receive a DVD with all the plans bundled on it.  So, if you fall into the 'slow internet' category the upgrade may be worth your while (and sanity).


It would be easy to dismiss Ted's Woodworking as a 'jack of all trades, master of none' by setting itself up to cover all tiers of experience, but that would be wrong.

It's true that the guide may hold little interest to those more experienced, but having so many plans, which cover all areas of interest, at your fingertips can help to get those creative juices flowing.

Ted's after-sales customer service is also worth noting, with his policy of responding to your email within 24 hours.  That in itself has to be commended when so many online businesses can't be bothered.

Try it. You definitely couldn't make any excuses for not having any project ideas.

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