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It's one thing creating great woodworking projects for yourself, around the house or for friends, but taking that step to make it into a fully-fledged business can be a terrifying thought. Jim Morgan's Wood Profits is more than a collection of blueprints and instructions; its goal is to show you how to turn your passion for making great quality products into something profitable. No matter where you live it will show you how to turn whatever available space you have in your home, garage, or anywhere else, into a business.

And the proof of this? Well, it's Jim himself, who built up his garage business into a successful enterprise, even though he started off with very little woodworking experience. Wood Profits is his programme to guide you through a similar process using the wisdom he has accrued over the years. All of this is provided in a package of an ebook book, audio file and 500 plans.

Buying the VIP package will get you an extra 1,000 legal documents relating to every area of your business, as well as an extra 150 project plans based on Jim's personal best selling projects, as well as one-to-one email coaching from Jim himself and three ebooks on ways you can reduce the energy costs of your woodworking shop.

The pluses and minuses

Wood Profits is aimed at anyone with at least a basic level of woodworking skills and as a result provides clear step-by-step blueprints, which, while great in themselves, is not the whole story. Where other resources provide a plethora of projects, Wood Projects is a much more focussed affair. It deviates from other online resources by going beyond the act of woodworking and into the business sphere. Along with its 500 plans it also a comprehensive list of the top 10 projects that will give the best profits. On top of that it supplies invaluable advice on where to buy your tools and materials, and how to build your customer base, all of which are essential when starting out.

In addition, an obvious plus to all of this is that working in your own business also means you can work at your own pace.

However, the success of Wood Profits is all down to the user – some people may make more money than others in the same amount of time – so it's worth noting that the package may not live up to its own hype and disappoint some if they don't seem to be making 'top dollar'. If you have the drive to succeed though then it will help you get there.


Wood Profits is a package with a difference. On the one hand it offers what other resources do: detailed project plans. But it's strength lies in the fact that it is much more than a straight-ahead woodworking package; it's a business resource as well, offering sound down-to-earth business advice from its creator's own experience. You may find the woodworking side of it easy enough to follow and do well, but how you relate to its business advice is a different matter, and it's here where you have the tools to turn a hobby into a business or simply become frustrated.

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